Cures For Asthma – Let’s Fight Together Against It

Cures for asthma have been of interest for everybody, from doctors to patients’ families who try to find a way to treat this condition and help anyone who suffer this illness to live a better life.

In the last years the frequency of asthma in children seems to keep rising. According to the National Institute of Health, asthma in all races and age groups almost doubled between 1980 and 1986.
The increment in cases of asthma is so alarming that this condition is considered in the U.S. Governments Healthy People 2010 initiative. And that’s not all. Asthma care is considered in eight different objectives in the initiative mentioned before.

The rise in cases of asthma has also incremented greatly the research committed to find cures for asthma and treatments. A big part of this research is focused in conventional treatments, however, this conventional medicine is moving very fast to a nutrition approach and other unconventional types of medicine in the intent of finding cures for asthma with less use of drugs.

These new alternatives for cures for asthma might begin by studying intensively both patients and their families diet regimen and program a new one which may lower the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. The doctor then could prescribe some health supplements that can help to provide some nutrients that the patients might be lacking.

You might be wondering: why are these new treatment alternatives being considered when there have been many advances in all areas of medicine? Well, the reason is that in the past 20 years, modern science has discovered that many of the traditional treatments have always been very effective and they still are.

Doctors have slowly come to hold as true that diet and nutrition are key components in healthy bodies and minds, and to think that patients who take a proactive position in their own treatment are far more probable to follow medical advice and recuperate. When it amounts to treating asthma, this has meant that more and more physicians are stressing environmental factors and diet as a method to reduce the frequency and severity of acute asthma attacks and help maintain chronic asthma.

This is so true that many doctors give extra weight to alternative treatments and some times they even prescribe these instead of the normally prescribed drugs. The combination of both conventional and traditional (alternative) medicine allow patients to live a better life since they can be confident that both worlds of medicine are working together in order to find cures for asthma more effective and less dangerous.


Victor C. is an Engineer in Computer Systems who loves to read and write about any subject, as long as it’s interesting and useful for the reader.

He discovered he’s asthmatic when he was about 27 years old and since then he has been reading everything that has to do with asthma and allergies.

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